Sunday, July 18, 2010

Navrang 2010, Celebrating nine nights, Nine colors with Musa Paik

Benefits to the sponsor

Traditional benefits

  1. TV telecasting
  2. Radio
  3. PR
  4. Newspaper
  5. Hoardings
  6. Internet promotions
  7. Navratri is a 10 days festival so maximum brand impact on audience through this event

Unique Benefits which u can get from our event

  1. Musa Paik – King of Garba
  2. Rashtriya Sanman Award winner

  1. About Musa Paik and Crazy Beats
·        Musa Paik with 20 musicians makes the band crazy beats
·        Performing since last 29 years and has great fan following around the world and he himself is a big brand
·        Title sponsors for last 3 years Musa paik’s garba event
1.      2007 – Hero Honda
2.      2008 – Varun Industries (Bhayendar)
3.      2009 – Meera Builders and Developers
4.      2010 - ?

·        Others event by Musa Paik other than Navratri
1.      Kojagiri / Sharad pournima live telecast on Etv gujarati since 3            years
2.      Perform for garba events around the world in US, China, South          Africa

·        Some Very famous Albums sung by Musa Paik
1.      Kukdo Bole
2.      Dholida Pankhida
3.      Aavta Jaata
4.      Taal 2001
5.      Aanand
6.      O Albeli - Halo ne ramiye raas

·        60 % of male songs sung in garba are originally composed by Musa and these songs are big hit today

  1. Charity for financially backward, mentally retarded and cancer aided patients

  1. Sponsor’s brand name will be associated with Musa Paik and also with trust that will be doing charity during the event which gives a good impression on audience viz. Great Brand awareness and impact

  1. Event is executed in an area with people from Middle Income group

  1. Preethi products are more related to household products and maximum families are expected to visit the event as Charkop is in the center of Malad, Kandivali and Borivali where maximum gujarati and other people resides

  1. A great psychological impact on audience from our event

-         This festival gives happiness and joyous moments
-         With this joy and happy memories your brand name is associated
-         Because of this people remind this event as well as the sponsor which helps brand awareness

  1. Proposed cable TV channel reach in suburbs – 37 lakhs

  1. Surveys can be conducted by the sponsors as huge target audience will be coming for the event which can help in betterment of customer service

  1. Gift hampers for winners can be kept

  1. Stalls for sale of products can be kept with discounted prices and offers

  1. Other festivals such as Diwali, Bhaubij are lined up and people give gifts to their relatives which can be your product

  1. We can provide for your products exhibition cum sale during day time – (optional – this should be the last option)

 About the Trust – Saraswati Seva Charitable Trust

·        Established in the year 2006

·        Trust has been organizing several societal events based on their working principles which are as follows

-         Societal
-         Educational
-         Cultural
-         Arts
-         Sports

·        They have been organizing many events which have build up good relation within the different parts of the society. Events organized are as follows
-         Navratri Garba
-         Police Felicitation
-         Blood donation camp
-         Donation for mentally retarded
-         Donation for handicap and blind
-         Scholarships for financially backward students
-         Free computer education
-         Konkan Mahotasav
-         Lavani Mahotsav
-         Cultural programmes for senior citizens

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