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Information about Musa Paik

Musa Nanu Paik मुस्सा नाणु पाइक/ मुससा नानू पाईक/ મુસસા નાનુ પાક/ മുസ്സ നാണ്‌ പ്ാഇക്/ முஸ்ஸ நானு பாய்க்/ ਮੁੱਸਾ ਨਾਂਉ ਪਾਇਕ/ मुस्सा नानु पायक/ মুস্‌সা নানু পাইক/ ಮುಸ್ಸ ನಾನು ಪಾಇಕ್/ born 05/09/ 1955. Musa is a singer and performing artist from India, based in Mumbai, Shop Number C/5, Mhatre Plot, Opposite Union Bank, Rani Sati Marg, Malad East Mumbai, 400097. His music is based on traditional musical forms from the Indian state of Gujarat. Since his professional and private debut in 1975, he has developed into an artist with a large fan following across the world. ht. His powerful voice and energetic performances are backed by a band (called Crazy Beats) that can go up to 25 Members- 50 members. Crazy Beats comprises of 20-50 musicians led by Musa Paik. The group is very famous for their innovative songs for Navaratri. The band was formed in 1984 with their first Navaratri festival at Parekh Nagar, Kandivali. From then on there was no looking back. They received tremendous response when they performed in New York in 1994.

Crazy Beats also has released around 12 albums out of which 'Dholida Pankhida', their debut album and 'Kukdo Bole' has been the best sellers.

The band takes up any type of event when it comes to pure entertainment. Musa is also joined by a new and talented singer, Neeta.

Some Important Acheivements of Musa Paik

* Rashtriya Sanman Puraskar
* Musa is called the King of Garba
* Musa is performing Garba for last 30 years.
* Cds sold in the market for last 25 years
* Tie up with various top Cd brands like Tips and T series
* Musa is himself a brand
* Musa works with joint venture of ANS Event Management
* 90 % of songs used in Navratri/Garba/ Kojagiri all around the world are compositions of Musa Paik's
* Only Living Legend performing Navratri for last 30 years.
* Only Navratri Star to have performed Navratri in China.
* Has Performed in FILM FAIR Awards singing Chadta Suraj.
* Top Brands like Hero Honda have sponsored his events.
* Amongst the TOP GUJRATHI Singers in the World.
* People from Abroad also come to listen to him specially during Navratri.


Famous Musa Paik Albums are:

* Chadta Suraj
* Venu Vagad, Chando Ugyo, Marwadni
* Dholida
* Hey Koi Jaine, Mathe, Sonalnu, Nazr
* Venu Vagad, Cugyo, Marwadni
* Best Of Musa Paik
* Kukdo Bole
* Dholida Pankhida
* Aavta Jaata
* Taal 2001
* Aanand
* O Albeli - Halo ne ramiye raas

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